We are excited to start a “Woman of the Month” fun facts beginning this month. I decided to kick it all off with the timeless and oh sooo glamorous Elizabeth Taylor ❤️. I am assuming many of you grew up with the film National Velvet in your homes and/or drooled over her incredible emerald like me xoxo

What slipped my mind is all of the feel-hearted work she did through her foundation. She was a true pioneer.

Elizabeth Taylor – formerly known for her scandalous love affairs – started the Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation in 1991 after her close friend, Rock Hudson, died from the disease. The foundation lends support to those who are sick, and funds research for more advanced treatments. Taylor was a pioneer at a time when many celebrities and most politicians were not talking about the AIDS crisis.

To be honest I am not a huge “RA RA” womens “girl power” kind of woman, but I guess I should be because if I didn’t have all of the incredible women in my life helping me take The Rowdy Rose places I could only dream of, then…there would be no The Rowdy Rose.

Thankful for you all!


😚 Katie

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